Welcome to Benjamin Franklin College Class of 2023!

Welcome to Benjamin Franklin College at Yale University.  Benjamin Franklin College is one of Yale’s newest residential colleges.  With our sister college, Pauli Murray, Yale was able to increase  our enrollment from 5,400 undergraduates to 6,200.  We are the first new colleges  built at Yale since 1961. 

Our college boasts amazing architecture, featuring a sampling of Gothic styles from across Yale’s campus, notably inspired by the early 20th-century buildings of James Gamble Rogers. Construction began in the fall of 2014, with an official groundbreaking ceremony in April 2015. In April 2016, the university announced that the colleges would be named after Pauli Murray and Benjamin Franklin.  We welcomed our first students in August of 2017.

While the colleges were built to look as if you stepped back into the 1930’s, the modern amenities make it the perfect place for Yale’s newest class of students.  We have a student run coffee shop (“The Beanjamin”), a 2500 square foot gym with state of the art equipment, 4 music rooms, a ballroom dance studio and a brand new recording studio, set to open in the Fall of 2019.  We share spaces with Pauli Murray, music rooms with a marimba and a drumset, a barre/yoga studio, a soon to be opened pottery studio and a black box theater.

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Looking forward to meeting you on August 23rd!


Watch the construction of Benjamin Franklin and Pauli Murray, Yale’s two newest residential colleges, opened on August 23rd, 2017!