Student Life

Welcome to the fifth year of Student Life in Benjamin Franklin College!

In our inaugural year, we established many traditions, but we are not done yet.  In year five, we are hoping to finally name a mascot and create our college chants.

Student Life in Benjamin Franklin College would not be complete without a celebration of all things Franklin.  And not just Ben!  We have a great love of Aretha and Rosalind, too.  In fact, there are murals,  painted by students, outside of the fitness center that honor both great women.  We even celebrate Aretha with an Aretha Franklin Appreciation Night at the Head of College’s House.

The residential college system at Yale is special.  And living in one of Yale’s newest, state of the art colleges is especially exciting.  

Every college has a Head of College, who lives at the college with their family.  The Dean also lives in the college with their family, as do the Resident Fellow and Graduate Affiliate. They play an important role in establishing traditions, providing support and building the community.

Our Head of College, Charles Bailyn, lives with his wife, Associate Head Rebecca Tannenbaum, and their daughter Jane in the HOC’s house.  Head Charles loves to entertain students, fellows, graduate affiliates, and tea speakers at the house.

Our Dean is Jessie Royce Hill.  She lives with her two daughters, Lily and Ada, in the college.  Dean Hill was formerly in Yale Admissions and was Dean of Silliman College prior to coming to Franklin.  She has an abundance of knowledge of Yale academics and is an incredible source of support for our undergraduates.

Our Resident Graduate Affiliate is Brian Earp.  His mission is to enhance the life of the college by running programs and events.

Favorite Franklin events include teas with amazing speakers, apple picking, barbecues, holiday parties, dances, intramurals, clubs, and study breaks. Thanks to our dedicated student council, there are always new activities and opportunities to bond as a community. 

And of course, we have great Facilities.  We share a 2500 square foot fitness center with, our sister college, Pauli Murray, along with music rooms that even contain pianos, a marimba, and a drum set.  We have a recording studio and pottery studio that were just completed and are in the process of getting up and running.  Our college has a student kitchen available for reservation and a buttery, which is open for late-night concessions.  In addition- we have our very own coffee shop.