Benjamin Franklin College Council (BFCC)

Elected Members 2019-20

Spencer Hagaman (President) is a junior from Huntington Beach, California, majoring in political science. When he’s not working in the Franklin Buttery or helping to organize BFCC events, Spencer plays the bass drum in the Yale Precision Marching Band, edits for the Yale Herald, and is a site coordinator for VITA. Spencer loves coffee, hanging out with friends, and experimenting with new and exciting creations for the Buttery. Make sure to stop by the Franklin Buttery one night when Spencer is working to try one of his deep fried cinnamon rolls!

Interested in BFCC or have an idea for a college event? Find Spencer throughout the college or send him an email at!


Namra Zulfiqar BFCC

Nina Huang (Co Vice President) is a sophomore from Shanghai, China. She is so glad to have Franklin as her home away from home. Her major is still up in the air—perhaps Sociology, maybe Statistics and Data Science, or a combination of both. She loves stories, both collecting and sharing them. She is very passionate about working with people with special-needs, and would love to chat about special educations in China and the U.S. Things that inspire her are sleepless night with Bob Dylan; Irish coffee and poems; fireworks lighting faces of strangers; old ladies selling gardenias on the street; wandering in a foreign city feeling so lost yet so completed. 

P.S. Nina was a barista in Shanghai. Her secret recipe is ice latte with Costa Rica beans. Add two shots of syrup and it will taste like creamy popcorn! She is always down to grab coffee or ice-cream J

Tyler Jansen BFCC

Hudson Patterson (Co Vice President)

Shannon Linder (Secretary) is an English major from San Diego, California. She is especially interested in becoming a human rights lawyer, but can also see herself as a novelist or educator. On campus, Shannon writes and edits for Yale’s chapter of Her Campus, serves as treasurer and co-leader for a middle school Girl Scout troop with Campus Girl Scouts, and volunteers with the Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association. When she’s not reading Shakespeare or writing free verse poetry, you’ll find her dancing with Danceworks or singing karaoke with friends. If you ask her which coffee shop in New Haven has the best espresso, she has opinions.