Buttery Team

Victoria Winter is a junior hailing from North Providence, RI. She is still undecided about a major but is actively discovering new and rediscovering old passions. When she is not in the buttery, but she almost always is, you can find her playing and laughing with the Yale Precision Marching Band, attending Benjamin Franklin College Council meetings (they’re super fun and open to all Franklinites!), being politically active with the Yale Dems, volunteering with VITA, or trying her best to fix students’ laptops with the Student Tech Collaborative. She also likes photography and film!

Albert Lee  Spencer Hagaman
Sasha Lee is a senior from Warner Robins, Georgia majoring in Sociology as well as an Education Studies Scholar as part of the Multidisciplinary Academic Programs. She is very involved in the college and at one point she was an event staff, buttery manager, and a college aide all at once! When she is not in the college, she is working at Metropolitan Business Academy as a Dwight Hall Public School Intern, hanging out with the best high school students in the world or going thrift shopping on her bright pink scooter.