College Aides

(Head College Aide) Hana Galijašević is a junior double-majoring in Computer Science and Linguistics. She is a proudly-international student from Bosnia and Herzegovina, with interests in learning languages (to the point of being conversational), perfecting traditional cooking and baking skills (or, learning them), random educational videos (which she only watches, but gladly recaps), math and physics (casually), and graphic design and photo-editing (recreationally). Hana has been named "The Mom Friend" by six unrelated friend groups across three continents. In her free time, you can find her napping, seeking out people to have meals with (you're invited!), or making and drinking traditional Bosnian coffee. She's always down for a chat! Hana Gali

Noah Carlson is a junior from rural Minnesota. He hopes to major in Statistics and Data Science. When not suffering through stat p-sets, he uses the horse-riding skills he picked up on his family's farm to play for Yale's horse polo team. In his free time, he is an organist for multiple churches around New Haven and is practicing for the BA/MM program in Organ. He also is a tax preparer for VITA. He is a beverage fanatic and loves to learn about new drinks to try. He currently is hooked on espresso, loose-leaf tea, and seltzer water but is always looking for recommendations.



Alexandra Contreras-Montesano is a sophomore from Burlington, Vermont hoping to major in Sociology with a concentration in Ethnicity, Race and Migration. Some of her favorite things in the world are her little sister Scarlett, chai from the Jitterbus, and the color orange. At Yale she is involved in the Yale Undergraduate Prison Project, A Leg Even, FLY, and the Association of Native Americans at Yale. In her free time she enjoys hanging out at the NACC, watching movies with friends in the Octagon room, and wearing colors and patterns that really should not go together. This summer she worked on translating memorials for Mourning Our Loses and took YSS classes. She looks forward to seeing and helping anyone in the Ben Franklin HOC office!



Emma Desrochers is a senior from a small town in the state of Maine, double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Studies. During the school year she spends most of her time doing p-sets and working multiple jobs. Any free time she has, is spent backpacking somewhere in the wilderness. She is an avid traveler having gone to Nepal, Peru, Ecuador, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Singapore for solo trips. Working in the environmental conservation field has been her passion, each summer working for a nonprofit internationally. Last summer, she was working with coral propagation in Thailand and her first-year summer spent in the Amazon rainforest studying reforestation techniques and traditional ethnobotany. This past summer she enjoyed a simple life experience, living in the bed of a truck, hiking in over 10 national parks. She is always looking for the next exciting adventure, whether it is scuba-diving to shipwrecks or hiking into the unknown, she's always excited to try something new.

Steven Dykstra is a sophomore from the small town of Arroyo Grande on the Central Coast of California majoring in Political Science. During the school year, he works as a campus tour guide, research assistant for Yale's Institution for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS), and is involved with the Urban Philanthropic (UP) Fund. When he’s not busy on campus, Steven loves to binge watch all kinds of movies and TV, cook in the student kitchen, travel around the Northeast, and unapologetically plug his favorite restaurants!

Steven Dykstra

Abigail Eswarakumar is a Senior from the oh-so-far away city of New Haven. Clearly a homebody, she wants to become a local pediatrician and soccer mom. In the meantime, she studies the History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health, reads way too much poetry, and spends an absurd amount of time chatting in the dining hall. During nice weather you can always catch her reading in the courtyards or listening to music- feel free to join and ask her any questions about BF!

Abigail Eswarakumar
Sasha Lee is a senior from Warner Robins, Georgia majoring in Sociology as well as an Education Studies Scholar as part of the Multidisciplinary Academic Programs. She is very involved in the college and at one point she was an event staff, buttery manager, and a college aide all at once! When she is not in the college, she is working at Metropolitan Business Academy as a Dwight Hall Public School Intern, hanging out with the best high school students in the world or going thrift shopping on her bright pink scooter.
Hudson Patterson is a junior from Seattle, Washington. He is interested in pursuing a career as a lawyer. Hudson is majoring in Psychology, and pursuing an advanced language certificate in Spanish. He is involved with WYBCx, Yale’s student-run online radio station, on which he has a show all about the latest celebrity controversies! On campus, he is also a board member on Yale's mock trial association. His hobbies include reading, binging TV shows, and decorating. And of course, his guilty pleasure is nintendo video games! When a new Zelda, Mario, or Pokémon game comes out, he will not leave his couch for approximately 24 hours unless forcibly removed — consider yourself warned! Hudson Patterson
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