Web Team

Julie Averbach is the Website and Social Media Manager for Benjamin Franklin College. She is a senior pursing a double major in the history of art and psychology (with a concentration in emotional intelligence). As chair of the Franklin Fine Arts Committee, she collaborates with other Franklinites to transform the college’s new, blank walls into spaces that represent the creativity, passions, and dynamism of the broader Franklin community. Julie is also founder and president of Campus Girl Scouts, a Yale student-led troop that teaches New Haven Girl Scouts leadership skills through a combination of traditional badge programs and campus engagement. In her free time, you can find Julie snacking on Samoas, dancing in her room, or getting to know other Franklinites.  Kendrick Umstattd
Hana Galijašević is a senior double-majoring in Computer Science and Linguistics. She is a proudly-international student from Bosnia and Herzegovina, with interests in learning languages (to the point of being conversational), perfecting traditional cooking and baking skills (or, learning them), random educational videos (which she only watches, but gladly recaps), math and physics (casually), and graphic design and photo-editing (recreationally). Hana has been named “The Mom Friend” by six unrelated friend groups across three continents. In her free time, you can find her napping, seeking out people to have meals with (you’re invited!), or making and drinking traditional Bosnian coffee. She’s always down for a chat! Julie Averbach